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GOTSLA is the unique concept where financial market professionals have taken the onus of creating a strong knowledge bank in their area of expertise by bridging the gap between theory and practice and by incorporating the practical mode of imparting training. GOTSLA with its strong background in Indian financial services is well suited to offer practical oriented, real time learning courses on the capital market for the relevant candidates. Whether one is considering taking his/her career to the next level or enhancing existing skill sets or expanding the personal knowledge base, GOTSLA through its scientifically designed courses can help one achieving these goals.

The Foreign Exchange Market

The foreign exchange market allows two currencies to be exchanged, at an exchange rate which is floating or fixed. This allows businesses from around the world to complete transactions across currencies. Currencies need to be exchanged to import produce from different countries, for example: a wine merchant in England exchanges their pound sterling (GBP) for Euros (EUR) in order to purchase wine from France. Exchanging currencies is the basis for all international trades. Unlike the stock market, the Forex market is decentralised – this means that there is no central trading area. Most foreign exchange transactions are executed over-the-counter (OTC) by banks, on behalf of their clients.

Where did it start?

It all began with the gold standard monetary system back in 1875. Before our current system was born, gold and silver were exchanged for goods and services. The problem was that gold’s value changed depending on the supply – if a new source was discovered, gold would become less valuable. Eventually, different countries began to peg an amount of their currency to an ounce of gold. The difference between these amounts was the exchange rate. After World War One this system broke down, and several years later currencies were no longer pegged to gold.


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